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Ready to give your body the restart it deserves? Do you want to cut sugar out of your life?  Join me for a wellness journey with the RESTART Program.  Restart is a 5-week guided class with a 21-day sugar detox program.  We meet in small, personal classes designed to give more group time for concerns and questions.  Focused mainly on kicking the sugar habit, there is so much more including how to read food labels, cooking differently, preparation and shopping, how our bodies digest food, blood sugar regulation, fats, re-introduction of foods and moving on.  It is fun and supportive.  Join us and learn how to give sugar “the boot”.

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How do you handle stress?   What gives you enjoyment in your life?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  In 10 years?  How are you going to get there?   What are your dreams and goals?  
As a wellness and life coach it is my passion to encourage you to meet yourself where you are right now.  I guide you to learn more about your bio individuality and how to step up to the challenge of creating growth in your life.  I will share valuable tools that will help you handle stressful situations, set goals, recognize trends and learn how to make powerful changes along your journey. 
My ideal client is an individual who is ready to make these changes.  An individual who is focused on the road ahead and open minded enough to entertain new and different ideas.  
If this is you and what you’ve been doing isn’t working, let’s come up with a plan to help you set goals and reach them.  I offer online and in person consults.  Contact me for your appointment today.  


Restart…to begin anew.  A fresh start. Discovering and  picking up the tools that we have already been given, and learning to use them efficiently and productively.  That’s what Restart means to me.  The Restart program explains the tools we each have, and how to use them to our benefit.  Through Restart I have been given the resources to make new, appropriate choices for my life, giving me options to make my life more comfortable and peaceful. THIS IS EMPOWERMENT!   There is never guilt when I don’t follow the program, but only an “Aha…” moment, knowing that next time, I have the tools to make better choices for a better outcome. Navigating life around chronic pain and gut issues isn’t always easy or fun, but I do remember that about the second week of the program, as I climbed into bed that night, it dawned on me that I had not experienced any pain that day.  That was very unusual…and it was obvious to me that Restart was working well and so worth the effort!  Restart empowers each of us with knowledge to know how to eat well for our individual bodies,  how to nurture our body and help it to heal.  (I’m still learning that it’s okay to treat my body nice, to nurture and love it into healing).  I love knowing that the choices I make with the tools already in my arsenal can make a huge, positive impact on my quality of life.  I appreciate not having to purchase special foods or outlandish supplements. I appreciate that I can go to the grocery store or farmers market, and get everything I need within a realistic budget.    And Lori… she is truly a light in my life!  She is ALWAYS patient, always positive, and is always encouraging me to keep trying, to keep making good choices. 

– Merry Collop

Lori Graham is such an amazing nutritional teacher, advisor, coach, and cheerleader! 

She has taught me so many things about eating well, how to be well, and how to think well! Lori is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She is always eager to help whether it’s helping you tweak a recipe or try to figure out why you’re getting headaches. I have seen her go above and beyond for each member of our nutritional group, I am constantly amazed with her generosity.

With great success I have used Lori as a nutrition coach, and attended her nutritional classes! I think absolutely everyone could benefit from the knowledge she has to offer. I would highly recommend her to anyone with pains and aches, or if you need to lose weight or just feel better!

She is truly a nutrition angel waiting to help you!

– Amber Lewis

Lori makes this journey a very personal experience, teaching us about the way our bodies respond to what we put into it, all about sugar and how to lead a better life with greater health and vitality.  I truly enjoyed the experience and am better for it.  I highly recommend Lori Graham and the RESTART program!

– Christine Wade