How the Health Are You? 


Have you ever climbed out of bed and said to yourself “Gosh, I really enjoy hurting, feeling like crap, and knowing the location of every store bathroom in town!!!”?  Welcome to my past. And yes, I really did know where the bathrooms in all the stores were.  What an accomplishment.


While facing my own health challenges (Hashimotos, Leaky Gut, Food Sensitivities, Weight Gain, Lethargy, Air Hunger, Depression, and all around feeling like “crap”), I sought out a functional medicine provider who helped me identify the “why did this end up happening to me?”, “what is the underlying cause?”, and “how am I going to treat this”?  Little did I know this journey would light an ember in me that would burst into flames. And, no, this was not a hot flash.  As I learned more, I didn’t want to stop.  I still don’t.  I want to help people learn that life is so much more than hurting, feeling like crap, and needing to know where all the bathrooms are. 


Funny thing is, looking back, I am quite amazed that the happy, sad, challenging, pleasant, tough, and unthinkable events that I have experienced have a place in the work I do today. You can’t talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk.  I heard this so many times that I finally decided to embrace (tightly hug) and learn from the experiences instead of fighting them.  


I have worked in many different areas of healthcare for the last sixteen years.  Wellness & Life Coaching have added so much depth to my experience and training.  Many valuable tools fill my hands, heart and mind to share with and teach to my clients. I am a certified instructor for the RESTART program and advanced trained in Mind Body Medicine.


So, you see, all roads lead to who you are……………….So How The Health Are You?