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Are you ready to make changes in your health and life journeys?

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Have you been wanting to cut sugar out of your life?

Join me for a 5-week educational class with a 21 day

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Customer Reviews

Lori Graham has been my go to angel for several years.  I met her through the Restart program which covers good eating habits, sugar detox and general healthy lifestyle ideas.  It was in a group setting and everyone was able to come away with the knowledge of how to live a healthy life.  Lori continued to work with many of us individually and sometimes in a group social setting sharing our experiences and even some great new recipes.  The whole experience was very positive and I highly recommend Lori and her program to anyone who wants to gain the knowledge needed to live a good life.

 – Mary Kay edwards

I joined Restart several years ago when I was a sugar junkie. It was an eye opening experience and many of the concepts and tips I learned are ingrained in my brain to this day.  Lori has a unique way of getting the message across  with grace and accountability.  It’s an ongoing journey that will take you to whole new level if you open your heart and mind to a new way of thinking.  Enjoy!! 

 – linda schroeder